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A Proud Tradition of Success

The CTA story began in 1979 in the California desert. A small band of dedicated engineers working out of the trunk of a Ford Mustang with a vision to help organizations apply technology to solve problems and drive their business. From the beginning, our focus was on the needs and goals of our clients.

Today CTA is an established information technology engineering firm with a storied history of providing top-tier systems services and advanced technology solutions to government and commercial clients in support of mission-critical operations. We apply our expertise to address a broad range of complex data objectives and challenges.

Since its inception, CTA has successfully engaged in the development of operational systems for over 700 government and private sector clients earning an outstanding record of client satisfaction through sustained performance excellence. Federal customers have included the Defense and Intelligence Communities, the Military Services, FAA, Homeland Security, FBI, NASA and the GSA. Our client portfolio also includes numerous state/local government agencies and Fortune 100 companies.  [Read about some example projects]

The company has been repeatedly recognized for its technical strength and innovation in providing customers with operationally effective solutions in all phases of complex systems’ lifecycles. We have enjoyed great success in applying original thought and innovative, advanced concepts to the challenges of real-world problems, resulting in dramatic improvements in operational performance of mission-critical systems in use today.

We don’t work out of a car anymore, but we still retain that same tenacity and personalized focus on service that has served as the foundation for decades of successful solutions and satisfied clients.

CTA’s main office is in Ridgecrest, California, with teams based in Colorado Springs and the San Diego area.

CTA is a certified small business for federal procurements, and holds an active GSA Schedule 70 contract.

The CTA Management Team

We're a little different than what you might be used to...


We want our goals to be the same as your goals. Our job is to listen so we can understand, and share, your business objectives so we can work as a partner to make sure they are accomplished.


When it comes to data, one size definitely does not fit all, and there is no single magic solution that addresses every need. Your solution needs to be…well, yours. We work with you to identify and apply the right technologies in the right ways to match your specific needs and objectives.


Your enterprise has a personality that expresses your goals. We listen carefully to understand your business, your objectives, and your culture so we can act like a native in your context.

Big Picture, Small Steps

Not every data solution lands all at once, perfectly formed and ideal. Even if it could, cost is always a consideration. We bring an refreshingly iterative approach that lets you tackle smaller segments without losing site of the overarching strategy that keeps everything pointed in the right direction.

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