Data Access & Manipulation


Tools built around your data and your business goals.

A wide range of business functions are covered by good quality off-the-shelf applications these days, but chances are good that not all of the information in your organization has a system home, or at least not one that allows you to leverage the information as easily and purposefully as you would like. Some data is so specific to your business context that it won’t fit nicely into a generic off-the-shelf framework. Or, maybe an off-the-shelf option exists, but the function you need comes packaged as part of a bloated enterprise-class tool that would be costly and wasteful to address your narrow need.


Sometimes, off-the-shelf applications simply don’t align with your process goals and you need tools that directly support the processes that you have established, or the ones you are hoping to establish.

Whether it’s crafting tailored tools to match your established processes, or establishing a custom tool set that will provide specific structure and governance as you work to institutionalize a new process initiative, CTA has the right team to support you. Our application developers specialize in rapid development of custom tools to match your business goals. Our team works iteratively with you to conceive, prototype, and evolve tools according to your specification and process objectives. In addition to giving you the power to deploy tool support around specific process goals, our flexible approach allows you to scope tool development in small increments according to your priorities and budget.


Imagine your data system doing exactly what you need them to do to support you – no more, and no less.


It’s all possible, and CTA is your best partner to bring it to fruition. It’s easy to get started – just provide us some basic contact information so we can get in touch with you to set up a free, no-risk consultation.


Keep an eye on the bigger picture…


Data yields maximum utility when it is well strategized, well integrated, and well maintained to maximize business relevance and alignment with your business objectives. Explore these complimentary offerings to learn about ways to set your data up for better insights and greater successes…