Data Fusion & Integration


Freeing your data from silos and stovepipes.

Data that stands on its own has limited utility. It can never transcend the confines of the specific function from which it originates, or the specific tool in which it lives, to provide the kind of quality synergistic decision support your business needs to thrive. The decision support that comes from stove piped data systems tends to be skewed by a too-narrow view of your business, and that drives inferior decisions. Like your business, your data wants to grow up to be more, and all it needs is a great network of complimentary partners.


The true power of your organization’s data is realized when the various domain-specific data sets are related to one another to create a big picture view of your enterprise.


The success of data fusion hinges on meaning, and to do it well you need a partner willing to focus on the meaning of your data in its business context, as well as one that has the technical capabilities to implement an effective system platform. Success depends on an effective mix of conceptual business thinking and nuts-and-bolts technological application.


Our team brings you the right combination of big picture perspective, willingness to focus on your business goals, and best-practice technical skills to work successfully with you to bring it all together.


CTA has been helping organizations just like yours engineer effective systems and integrate supportive data platforms for over 35 years. We know how to think like you think when we are analyzing your data and needs, but we also know how to navigate the dizzying range of technologies available to identify the right system components and methodologies to achieve your goals. And, when all of the decisions have been made, we have the skills to put the whole thing together and keep it running for you. It’s easy to get started – just provide us some basic contact information so we can get in touch with you to set up a free, no-risk consultation.


Keep an eye on the bigger picture…


The power of your big picture view is fueled by access to well organized, high quality data sets from all aspects your business. Explore these complimentary offerings to learn about ways to make your big picture bigger and clearer…