Data Presentation & Visualization


How you put your data in your users’ hands will define how much value you get back.

You have data and you have a function that needs it. The next step is easy right? Build a report. But is that always the right answer to meet the need? If the data inherently answers every question already, then maybe a report is just the thing. But what if your function needs to perform some expert analysis to get the best value from that data? What if some collaboration is needed to team-source the best insights? What if moving out of the screen your user is already in to run the report takes them too far from the context of their function? Even if the report has all of the answers, does it take too much time to parse through it to find the information needed?


Static reports are rapidly becoming the least effective, least relevant, and least efficient answer to getting the right data to the right people in the right way at the right time.


The newest data presentation technologies go far beyond the basic report format to deliver highly focused data right into your decision makers’ context with pre-tailored relevance and minimal overhead. The tricky part is that business intelligence systems can be large and complex to deploy. Knowing which technology will work best for each use case takes experience and nuanced understanding of the needs of the organization. And, even when you have chosen your technology, it takes special skills to bring the data together into an efficient platform that will perform well and provide the support you need. Where do you find the resources with the right skill set to strategize, implement, and maintain these systems, let alone the time to lead and manage the project?


Our team comes equipped and ready to take you through the entire process, from the envisioning stage…to the tech selection phase…to the actual building of the system, and beyond.


Our data presentation team brings decades of experience crafting business intelligence solutions to your organization, along with specialized skills to help you convert your data into valuable information delivered right to the places that need it, in a format that most directly supports the need. Our team comes equipped and ready to take you through the entire process, from the envisioning stage, where we help you define and document your needs and target usage, to the tech selection phase, where we help you find the right technology to fit your needs, to the actual building of the system, all the way through rollout, training, and beyond, where we help you maintain and sustain your platform so that it continues to grow and adapt as your needs evolve. The best thing we do for you during this process is to listen. Our loyalties are to your success, not a particular product or vendor. Our goal is always to find the best technology to meet your specific needs and to get it in place as quickly and effectively as possible. Whether your solution is an off-the-shelf product, or an integrated mix of products, or something built from scratch around your specific process goals, what you get from us is your very own personal team of business intelligence experts who share your goals and prioritize your success just like one of your own. It’s easy to get started – just provide us some basic contact information so we can get in touch with you to set up a free, no-risk consultation.


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