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  Federal Aviation Administration

CTA Incorporated provides engineers and subject matter experts in support of the FAA's En Route, Terminal, Traffic Flow Management, Air to Ground Communications, and Weather organizations. Services to the FAA include:

  • Engineering

    • CTA engineers play important roles in the requirements analysis and development process. We organize and facilitate proofs of concept and capability demonstrations that include testing plans and scenarios, functional and procedural validation, product analyses, and final reports to assist in the requirements definition phase. CTA engineers, in coordination with the FAA customers, develop requirements and produce appropriated sections of the Requirements Document, System Segment Specification, Statement of Work, and other FAA acquisition management documents.

  • System Integration

    • CTA engineers research and evaluate ATC systems and equipment, and write trade studies and reports showing status and applicability to FAA programs. We actively participate with the FAA's system integrator to identify and recommend procurement strategies. We provide programmatic assistance to the FAA customer including cost, schedule, and risk plans.

  • Configuration Management

    • CTA engineers provide daily configuration management (CM) expertise to the FAA customer by ensuring that technical and programmatic decisions are in accordance with established and approved documentation for the National Airspace System (NAS). We are skilled in the FAA's CM processes and trained in the automated, web-based CM program.

  • System Maintenance

    • CTA engineers provide technical support to the FAA including, analysis and development of requirements for software and hardware maintenance tasks, monitor and control (M&C), system test and evaluation (T&E), and support system functionality. We produce customer briefings, memoranda, contractual tasking letters, official correspondence, program schedules, technical reports, and white papers to ensure that the system maintenance concerns are addressed and satisfied throughout the requirements process.

  • Human Factors

    • CTA engineers are an integral part of the human factors activities for the FAA. We participate with the FAA customer in the requirements development process and in writing appropriate documentation. Our engineers work with the FAA Programs Office, the FAA Human Factors Lab, and the systems integrator to ensure compliance with the Human Factors Design Guide that was written by CTA for the FAA. We provide members to the FAA User Teams to evaluate systems that are under development or being procured in order to assure that human factors are considered in the design of the system.

  • Training

    • CTA engineers are knowledgeable of the FAA Aeronautical Center (FAAAC), the William J. Hughes Technical Center (WJHTC), and ATC facility training capabilities and the training needs of FAA personnel. In coordination with our FAA customer, we write the requirements for individual training and the equipment required to conduct the training.

  • Air Traffic Control

    • CTA provides air traffic control (ATC) expertise to the FAA's User Teams and to the engineering teams with skilled engineers possessing years of experience as air traffic controllers and pilots. They understand both the technical requirements from work experience and the acquisition management process necessary to procure new systems.

  • Airway Facilities Expertise

    • CTA engineers, along with the FAA customer, are leading the effort to ensure that AF needs are addressed through requirements documentation. We provide extensive coordination with the AF (maintenance and support) personnel at the ATC facilities, FAAAC, and the WJHTC. Our engineers are knowledgeable of and have experience with the software intensive and network oriented systems that are currently in the FAA inventory or in the procurement process.

  • Security Engineering

    • CTA security engineers provide expertise in information assurance, security risk assessments, network security, contingency planning and testing, data protection, internal control reviews, access control, system and application reviews, program change control procedures and security awareness.

      Experience includes development of Security Certification & Authorization Packages (SCAPs) for the FAA's Flight Service Systems (FSS), Aviation Surface Weather Observation Network (ASWON), and Air to Ground Communication organizations.

  • Business/Financial

    • CTA provides programmatic planning activities for the FAA customer including budgetary information, cost analyses, and scheduling activities. Our engineers are knowledgeable of the financial planning tools and models used by the FAA and experienced in the processes necessary to implement them.

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