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The CTA Web team provides Web-related services to fulfill client's requirements for disseminating information to their customers and general users. The Web team is experienced in processing requirements analysis, designing, developing, and implementing Internet and Intranet Web sites for over 10 FAA organizations. We have designed and developed Web-based applications that gather information from the users or manipulate data to disperse to the users. Some of these applications include: (Click here for more information on application development)

  • Customer Feedback Forms

  • Complex Action Item Tracking

  • Program Implementation Scheduling System

  • Public Automated Vendor Information System for Tracking Solicitation Documents

  • FAQs

  • Secure e-Government Solicitation Document Library

  • Bidder Tracking

  • Document Repository Systems

  • Temporary File Storage for Processing Unusually Large Document Files

The CTA team is experienced in designing, developing, and automating Web-based systems for disseminating information and communicating with users regardless of location. Working with a variety of applications built for different audiences has enabled us to be alert to the type of information that can or cannot be open to the public, which information needs to be somewhat protected, and, mostly importantly, how to protect sensitive information on either the Internet by using Secure Socket Layers (SSL), or on the Intranet where the general public does not have access permissions.

The CTA Web team provides personnel to support Internet and Intranet activities. The goals of the sites are to promote the client's products to the general public, improve internal communications and business processes for the organization, provide helpful services and information to all employees that are accessible from anywhere on the Web, and to provide database management and repository for tracking information and document files. Database activities include the development and maintenance of planning and system engineering activities, equipment specifications, facility as-built drawings, inventories for hardware and software tracking, configuration control and change materials, and existing and planned future laboratory configurations. The client's configuration management (CM) application is used to control and track the CM activities of all technical documentation developed by the Web team.

In addition to designing and developing Web-based applications, we provide daily support in updating and modifying current Web pages, posting them to the staging and live Web servers, performing test and evaluations, and announcing all new changes to the users. Database support includes designing and developing database backend support to the Web-based applications in addition to standalone database applications.

The CTA Web team looks for better ways in doing business either by developing new processes and applications or by improving the tools for performing the work. The team closely works with the client in accessing potentially new business and engineering processes that provide better support and service to the user community. Following the client's guidelines and requirements, we automate each system. We also research, evaluate, recommend, and implement new or modified web servers that better support the client's goals and requirements.

When designing and developing new Web products or modifying existing ones, the team adheres closely to the client's requirements for providing technical documentation. This documentation includes coding specifications, manuals, flowcharts, source code, and other data that would be necessary for continuous support and maintenance of the client's Internet and Intranet infrastructure.

The Web sites only grow as a result of contributions from those that it benefits the most. These ideas come from people viewing the site (i.e., external requests) and team members (i.e., internal requests). Each request is assigned a priority and stored in a database for tracking purposes when received by the team. The Web team addresses all requests with the same discipline by utilizing its established, internal Web process. This is a standardized process for creating, developing, and producing accurate and professional Web-based materials and incorporating them into the site. The Web process has the following goals:

  • Satisfy the stated needs of the customer

  • Produce professional, high quality materials on time and in an efficient manner

  • Institute a system of checks for quality assurance throughout the software development lifecycle.

The CTA Web team adheres closely to the 5 phase approach to Web development:

  • Phase 1-Requirements Identification / Development and Analysis

  • Phase 2-Design
  • Phase 3-Development
  • Phase 4-Test and Evaluation
  • Phase 5-Announcements
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