Corporate Properties Group

Fortune 100 Bank

Corporate Properties Group

International Banking Property Management Data Warehouse and Tools Suite.
CTA successfully conducted a six year, multi-million dollar intranet and data warehouse effort to create a nation-wide, web-based enterprise, integrated application suite to perform, manage, and report property management functions within an organization that manages more than $1 billion in property assets.

Corporate Properties Group


The Corporate Properties Group (CPG) of our Fortune 100 banking client manages a substantial portfolio of several thousand properties owned or leased by the Bank. CPG’s nation-wide distributed team of property management professionals oversee regular building maintenance, capital improvement projects, internal IT projects, and a large-scale finance operation with a sizable total annual operating budget. Prior to CTA’s involvement, each of these functions were carried out with minimal applied technology and a hodge-podge of disintegrated tools and processes.

Few processes were standardized or well documented, and data for each function was derived and stored independently from other functions. Cross-functional data, often critical to sound decision making, was difficult or impossible to access and correlate. Lack of integrated, actionable data was a major drain on efficiency and productivity, and often contributed to poor decision making and high-impact oversights.

Corporate Properties Group

Solution Profile

CTA’s approach to CPG’s challenges was to design and implement an enterprise-wide, intranet system with online management tools to collect key data and to provide an associated data warehouse and business intelligence platform to federate data from existing disparate sources into a single, unified decision support repository.

Deliverables included a suite of web-based budgeting applications to automate the annual property budget collection and analysis process as well as customer-facing tools to centralize and automate the core functions and processes of the organization. Intranet tools developed were not limited to CPG internal use, but also created for CPG’s customers, including a central request and tracking tool for all projects in the division from signage to office furniture procurement to construction of entire new buildings. In addition, CTA designed and implemented a custom extract, transform and load (ETL) solution to automatically populate a consolidated enterprise data repository.

This repository was the foundation for an enterprise-wide reporting platform that not only made several paper-based reports available online and on demand, but also enabled the creation of reports that fused data from multiple independent data sources. Additional value-added applications were introduced to extend some of the intranet functions into the field for a mobile property management staff. All features were matured, fine-tuned, and enhanced over the lifetime of the contract through regular releases and on-site training activities.


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