Project Examples

Advanced Weapon Lab

Financial, Project, and Risk Management Database and Tools Suite.

CTA is currently under a multi-year, multi-million dollar online tools effort to create a web-based, integrated application suite to perform project planning and estimating, manage project execution and risk, and provide real-time reporting.

Corporate Properties Group

International Banking Property Management Data Warehouse and Tools Suite.

CTA successfully conducted a six year, multi-million dollar intranet and data warehouse effort to create a nation-wide, web-based enterprise, integrated application suite to perform, manage, and report property management functions within an organization that manages more than $1 billion in property assets.

General Services Administration

Consolidated Security Scan Findings Database and Workflow Management Tools Suite.

CTA provided data engineering and application development services to the United States General Services Administration (GSA) to design and implement a custom web-based process support application and data platform to collect and standardize system security scan data and to track and manage remediation activities.

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