Agile AI/Machine Learning

VFusion AI/Machine learning is both knowledge- and data-driven. The fundamental VFusion AI development cycle is an agile (observe-orient-decide-act) iterative refinement/learning process, where an initial prototype model is evaluated and iteratively refined by modifications to user friendly knowledge graphs.

Process Mining/RPA

A rapidly emerging application of AI is the mining of business processes to identify automatable work that can be performed by robots. We use VFusion knowledge graphs that represent business processes and opportunities for powerful expert systems and NLP combined with state-of-the-practice commercially available RPA tools to achieve high levels of transparent business process automation.   

Natural Language Processing

Many natural language processing (NLP) tools in use today are based on string/pattern search algorithms.  We extend these algorithms with a novel combination of powerful embeddings/supervised machine learning and use a combined expert systems/NLP for real-time inferencing.

Information Engineering

The information you need to drive your most promising outcomes isn’t always readily available to you. Getting that information and providing it to the people who need it, when they need it, and in a form that matches their need isn’t easy. CTA specializes in crafting technology solutions that source, acquire, and organize information to meet your needs and drive your business objectives. We help you get the data you need and put it into tools that help you accomplish your goals and make it useful to your purposes.

Mfg Process/Quality Tracking

CTA’s overall approach to meeting a project’s technical requirements is predicated on a careful blend of management controls, engineering expertise, and defined, realistic, and repeatable hardware development practices.   This structured approach has been the core of CTA’s engineering services and hardware support for more than 20 years and is the foundation of our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assurance (QA) Program.

Data Visualization & Business Intelligence

Data comes to life in visual form. Patterns become obvious, signals become clearer, and trends become easier to predict. CTA brings expert data visualization skills to your problem space to craft a picture that carries your data’s payload straight to the surface and provides you with an interactive set of tools to explore and leverage your data to its full potential.

Knowledge Acquisition

A recognized challenge in the development of highly competent expert systems is the acquisition of the knowledge used by experts in decision making.  We use a user-friendly peer-to-peer concept mapping tool “Cmaps” and engage experts in virtual “Cmapping” sessions to capture conceptual expertise/knowledge/heuristics in a domain of interest. Our AI platform VFusion augments knowledge graphs derived from Cmaps with ontologies to form an executable expert system.


The new Cyber Security Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) will require investments from all DoD contractors to ensure their systems are meeting the needed level of security in their networks.  CMMC features five levels of compliance.  What level do you need?  Are you ready?   Contact our CMMC Certified Professional today to see how we can help.