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Information is the one truly indispensable asset. Without the right information, prepared for the right use, and delivered to the right people at the right time, you are flying blind. But, in this era of “big” data and infinitely specialized technology, data is still just a raw material. Data needs to be cultivated, purposed, crafted, and optimized for the target use before it can truly deliver on its promise. Your operation runs on insight – reliable, purpose-matched, actionable indicators that tell you who, what, when, where, why, and how much – and insight doesn’t happen by accident.

CTA brings decades of experience defining, strategizing, structuring, and leveraging data to produce actionable information that can drive optimized processes and targeted outcomes in support of critical mission objectives and operations. Our data specialists can support you though the entire process – from requirements definition and strategy, to design and solution engineering, to planning and implementation, all the way through testing and user rollout. Once the solution is in place, we can help you manage your data for success, including integration, security, governance, and ongoing optimization.

CTA has an established track record of success in helping organizations of all sizes craft effective data-driven solutions to support critical needs and drive successful outcomes. We would welcome the opportunity to partner with you in pursuit of your objectives. Contact us today to arrange a no-cost, no-risk consultation to explore your needs and the solutions we can offer.


CTA designed and implemented a custom-designed web-based business operations application suite to support financial planning and funds execution management, risk management, and project work management processes for the US Navy F/A-18 and EA-18G Integrated Product Team to standardize processes, centralize an integrated point of access for cost and management data, and automate a variety of reporting and management visualizations. Deliverables included web-based estimate creation tools, tools to process, distribute, and track incoming funds, and a centralized reporting platform to make unified, aggregated cost data available on demand. All tools followed a streamlined workflow model that supported automated notification and task queuing to facilitate and manage process actions within the tool suite. The data captured by the application suite is made available as business intelligence visualizations to provide a wide range of operational insight to ensure timely and accurate project and finance management decision in a way that speaks directly to the users’ native process and business context.

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